Privacy Code

GVC Credit Union members have trusted the credit union with their personal and financial information. The credit union has a long history of providing good service to its members, treating all members with respect and dignity, and protecting their privacy. If we provide you with products and services, we will do all we can to protect your information.

GVC Credit Union's Commitment to Its Members

GVC Credit Union will:

  • protect the confidentiality of your personal information
  • keep you informed about our privacy policies and practices
  • let you see your personal information

GVC Credit Union will not collect, use, or disclose your information without your consent, unless required or authorized by law.

GVC Credit Union's Privacy Policy

GVC Credit Union has Privacy Policies that explain more fully how and why the credit union collects, uses, and discloses your personal information. This information is available to you.

If you have questions, concerns or would like to receive a copy of our privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Officer at or call 604-298-3344.